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Have you just lost a dear friend or a loved one? Let Scarpaci Funeral Home plan your service. Whether you need to plan a service now or make pre-arrangements, please come in to Scarpaci Funeral Home, we are here to your needs. Let us help you with all your arrangement planning needs. Our professional staff will help guide you in planning a service that truly reflects the life of you or your loved one.

Why is it important to trust a funeral home that is owned and operated by a family right here in your community?
We’ve been a family-owned and operated funeral home since 1910. Local family ownership means more caring service, and more personal involvement in fulfilling your commemorative needs and desires. Did you know that many funeral homes are owned by large corporations, with headquarters thousands of miles away?

When sorrow strikes…
When a death occurs, it’s natural and comfortable to turn to your family, friends, and neighbors for support and assistance. We live in an area that welcomes thousands of new residents every year, but our family has been involved in the life of this community for decades. We represent generations of commitment to you.

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Our tradition of family ownership, fairness, excellence, professionalism and integrity has brought comfort to countless local families in their time of sorrow.
We pledge that same tradition to you, and we pledge that we will be here for you when you need our help and support, as we have for years. This is how families help families, and how neighbors serve neighbors.

We are always available to you. Call Scarpaci Funeral Home today at 718-331-8000 to discuss your funeral arrangement needs. Or visit us at

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